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Building management systems

Application (BMS)

KLEFR energy meters can be used in residential as well as commercial building management systems. The MID approved KLEFR meter ensures accurate energy measurement (class 1/B) and can be used for billing purposes. Although MID (sub) metering is not always mandatory in building automation systems, developments in the energy sector suggest that it is a good investment to use MID certified meters. Nowadays, reliable energy measurement in residential and commercial buildings becomes more and more important looking at trends and regulations in energy management and energy efficiency.


All KLEFR meters are available with Modbus, M-bus or S0 interface for communication with any building management system. The KLEFR Modbus registers are easy to integrate in every application. The M-bus values can be read out with a standard REQ_UD2 request. The standard version of the meter can be used if the building management system only requires pulses for kWh measurement.

Integration and configuration

KLEFR offers the perfect (MID) metering solution for building management systems. The complete range of single- and three phase meters is available with Modbus, M-bus or S0 interface for communication. The wide range of MID certified meters can be integrated in any building management system. Configuration can be done manually and with a Modbus, M-bus or infrared command. It is also possible to order the meters pre-configured at MOQ’s.

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