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MID certified energy meters

KLEFR is a manufacturer and distributor of single- and three phase kWh meters. We offer a complete range of meters, either with only S0-output, RS485/Modbus or M-bus.  The wide range of MID certified meters can be integrated in any system to work with any inverter , datalogger or car charger. Configuration can be done manually and with a Modbus, M-bus or infrared command. At certain quantities (Minimum Order Quantity’s), it is also possible to order the meter with pre-configured settings.

KLEFR meters come with 5 years warranty. Our goal is to manufacture meters suitable for the EV, PV and BMS market which fit to the strict (European) quality standards. We have a selection of these meters on stock. Top quality, a strong business focus, expertise and very competitive pricing makes KLEFR stand out from its competition.

Article numberPhaseModulesCurrentCommunicationDisplayAccuracy classTariff
KLEFR 6911Single phase1TE45AxLCD 4+2B1
KLEFR 6912Single phase1TE45AxLCD 4+2B2
KLEFR 6913Single phase1TE45AM-busLCD 4+2B2
KLEFR 6914Single phase1TE45AModbusLCD 4+2B2
KLEFR 6921Single phase2TE100AxLCD 5+2B1
KLEFR 6922Single phase2TE100AxLCD 5+2B2
KLEFR 6923Single phase2TE100AM-busLCD 5+2B2
KLEFR 6924Single phase2TE100AModbusLCD 5+2B2
KLEFR 6931Three phase4TE100AxLCD 6+2B2
KLEFR 6933Three phase4TE100AM-busLCD 6+2B2
KLEFR 6934Three phase4TE100AModbusLCD 6+2B2
KLEFR 6941Three phase4TE100AxLCD 6+2B2
KLEFR 6943Three phase4TE100AM-busLCD 6+2B2
KLEFR 6944Three phase4TE100AModbusLCD 6+2B2


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