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Electric vehicle chargers

Application (EV)

KLEFR energy meters can be used in any electric vehicle charging system. The meter measures the usage of kilowatt hours and due to its MID certificate it can be used for billing purposes.ev The KLEFR meter also indicates the instantaneous values of the system like the voltage, current, active power, reactive power, apparent power, frequency and power factor. The MID certified KLEFR meter ensures accurate energy measurement (class 1/B).

5 year warranty

KLEFR meters are products of high quality, therefore the warranty on all KLEFR meters is 5 year. The KLEFR meter is built to last and easy to install, which minimizes maintenance. Because of the wide and crisp screens it is really easy to read-out, a must have for every customer.

Integration and configuration

KLEFR offers the perfect (MID) metering solution for electric vehicle systems. The complete range of single- and three phase meters is available with Modbus, M-bus or S0 interface for communication. The wide range of MID certified meters can be integrated in any system to work with any wall mount or standalone unit. Configuration can be done manually and with a Modbus, M-bus or infrared command. It is also possible to order the meters pre-configured at MOQ’s.

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